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  • Ian Paterson

Equatoria Teak Company Awarded Origination Grant from the Dutch Fund for Climate Development

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Welcome back to Nzara in Western Equatoria State, South Sudan, where the rainy season is beginning in earnest – a welcome relief from the heat of the past few months! We’ve been extremely busy helping to fight some of the worst forest fires on record, pushing ahead with our crop trials and starting land preparation for our next 200 hectares of teak.

I’m delighted to report the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development has awarded us their Origination Grant and we’re hoping this will lead to a long term partnership. Hopefully you heard Clement Rabi, one of our farmers, talking to the BBC about coffee in South Sudan as our ‘Excelling in Excelsa’ project is also ramping up.

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