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We started growing a small plot of Moringa trees in 2014 and added an additional site in 2020. The main objective is to provide access to Moringa products for people living with HIV and AIDS in our community. Moringa is widely believed to have many health benefits, including boosting your immune system. St. Theresa Nzara Hospital is running a programme under the Rainbow group, funded by the Catholic Medical Mission Board, which helps people living with HIV. We are the major provider of Moringa products to these group members. Because of the proximity to the community, many women come to our plots to pick the Moringa foliage and the tender pods. Once cooked, the pods are eaten by themselves or in a curry.

This year we cut back all the Moringa trees on both sites for them to coppice and produce more foliage as the leaves are in high demand. As you can see in the picture, the stumps have started shooting vigorously and when the rain starts again we expect there to be even more foliage, pods and seeds to help support the health of our workers and neighbouring communities.

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