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Season’s Greetings from South Sudan

Season’s greetings from Nzara, South Sudan. Climate change has been on my mind recently and not just because COP26 has propelled forestry back onto the investment agenda. We had a challenging rainy season this year – heavy downpours, prolonged dry spells and then rain late into November. This set back our teak planting and flooded our nursery, although fortunately it looks like most of the coffee seedlings survived. We have also been conducting preliminary analysis for a carbon credit project in line with our ambitious expansion plans and the results look promising – watch out for developments in 2022.

I’m very pleased to report the inception phase of our ‘Excelling in Excelsa’ coffee project has been signed off by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and we now move into the implementation phase. We’ve been busy recruiting and training extension officers (pictured above), planting more coffee, and identifying the outgrowers who will receive seedlings next year. Coffee is just one of the many crops we’ve been trialling at our R&D site, which is identifying the most appropriate varieties, and optimum growing protocols for ourselves and our community to produce. This wouldn’t usually fall exclusively to the private sector to manage, so we are looking for support. If anyone has any advice on potential partners to help us with this part of the business, I am keen to be introduced to them.

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