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  • Ian Paterson


South Sudan has been struggling with changing weather across the country. Floods have hit the headlines in international media and tens of thousands have been displaced. They are reported to have been the worst in 60 years, driven by climate change. We hope our plans to sustainably expand our teak plantation will contribute to mitigating against climate change. Fortunately both teak and Excelsa coffee are well adapted to the extreme weather we experience, so we are confident to keep pushing ahead with our plans.

Despite South Sudan being largely peaceful since I last wrote, we have seen an increase in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) arriving in Nzara, fleeing violence in nearby Tambura County. Fortunately it has been life as normal for us, although there was extra pressure on the hospital with so many people arriving in the area. I’m pleased to report it looks like things have settled down and we expect many of the IDPs to return home.

Sebastian Rich/UNICEF
Sebastian Rich/UNICEF

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