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Equatoria Teak Company

Growing in Africa

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Equatoria Teak Company (ETC) is South Sudan’s leading sustainable agro-forestry company. ETC was founded in 2006, and along with its sister company, Green Environ Teak Company (GETC) currently manages six teak concessions in Western Equatoria State totalling 2,500 ha. of planted teak and over 25,000 ha. of concession area. The company plants and sustainably harvests Tectona Grandis, the highest quality plantation teak outside Myanmar. The trees produce a fine grain, high density, well coloured timber suitable for all applications. The teak is sold both regionally and internationally for indoor and outdoor applications. ETC has recently moved into vanilla and coffee production through an extensive outgrower program.

ETC is passionate about the sustainability of forest lands in the region and has developed South Sudan’s most advanced nursery and replanting scheme. The company is actively coppicing existing plantations and expanding new planted areas that will come to maturity within 20-25 years.

The company has developed a close association with the local community and invests heavily in its development. Over 90% of the workforce is drawn from the local Nzara community, who receive significant investment in employee training programmes. Beyond this, the company has formed a unique community fund programme to fund projects to directly benefit the local community.

ETC is managed by Ian Paterson and has been majority owned by Agris Ltd, a subsidiary of Maris Ltd since 2012.

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Equatoria Teak Company
Agricultural Complex
Nzara County
Western Equatoria State

South Sudan

+211 914 258 884

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