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Our Teak

The company produces a range of teak products for regional and international markets. These include skimmed logs and rough sawn squares with the unique properties of Tectona Grandis; fine grain, high density, well-coloured timber that is suitable for multiple applications. These exceptional characteristics make South Sudan teak the highest quality plantation teak in the world outside of Myanmar.

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We grow seedlings in two separate nurseries close to the plantations. Nearly all teak seeds show some degree of dormancy, and careful management of conditions both before and after sowing is critical for successful germination and development. The vanilla vines and coffee seedlings are also propagated in the same nurseries.

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Seedlings grown in the nurseries are transplanted to blocks in the plantation once they reach a height of 30-40cm. They are planted on a typical teak plantation spacing of 3m x 3m resulting in a planting density of no more than 1,100 stems per ha.



Intensive weeding is carried out to reduce competition, and we selectively prune lower branches to prevent knots. Thinning is critical to ensure sufficient light and space for optimal growth. Between 7-10 years, trees are thinned from 1100 stems per ha. to ~550 stems per ha. After a further 7-10 years, a second thinning reduces the density to ~250 stems per ha.

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Teak that has been planted since the replanting scheme was initiated in 2007 will take 25 years to reach maturity for harvesting.



The logs are sawn and dried, including kiln-drying for more rapid and effective drying. They are then processed into skimmed logs, rough sawn squares or timber boards, depending on client requirements.



We package and ship timber for the regional and international markets. The timber has unique properties that make it highly desirable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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