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Rehabilitation of legal administration b
Rehabilitation of community court house
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Our Responsibility

“Beyond the creation of a substantial number of jobs, ETC has demonstrated the role that a vibrant forestry industry can play in South Sudan. In addition to their operations, they have also built the only functional secondary school in Nzara County. Other corporate social responsibility emphases have included a comprehensive health package for their staff, an employment insurance scheme, a vegetable production centre for local HIV treatment facilities, and an active capacity building/skills transfer program.” USAID Report 2015

Equatoria Teak Company is Western Equatoria State's largest private employer. Over 90% of our workforce are drawn from the local Nzara community and we prioritize investment in employee training programmes with emphasis on capacity building and employee advancement both in the workplace and in the community. We are committed to health and safety for our workers and have zero tolerance for  forced or child labour.

Equatoria Teak Company is committed to the social and economic development of the community in which it operates. The tax and royalty payments the company makes to the national and local governments are a significant source of revenue for each. These payments are an important investment in both the country and the region in which the company operates. They go to fund infrastructure and social programs, driving both economic growth and social development. In addition to these tax and royalty payments, the company contributes a proportion of the revenue from every cubic metre that we export to a Community Fund. The fund committee represents all villages affected by the various plantations and proposes projects which they deem fit for the community. The fund has developed a secondary school in Nzara and a primary school in Mborizanga.

Outside the fund, Equatoria Teak Company has also:

  • Donated generators to the Nzara Hospital

  • Completed construction work on the facilities of the Comboni Sisters, Italian nuns who offer health and social services to the Nzara population 

  • Sponsored Independence Day Celebrations in Nzara

  • Introduced the Moringa plant into the nursery, Nzara Hospital
    and at the Rainbow Clinic (this plant has strong medicinal
    properties, which are known to alleviate the symptoms of
    HIV/AIDS sufferers) 

  • Assisted the local government of Nzara in repairing the county administration block, the county court house, the main roads, and the airstrip 

  • Dug pits for garbage disposal using our personnel, vehicles and equipment

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